Links 2013

These are the links to posts for the 2013 “1000 Ausome Things” Autism Positivity Flash Blog. To participate in this year’s flash blog, which will take place on April 30, 2013, the last day of “Autism Acceptance/Awareness Month”, please submit through the GOOGLE FORM – unlike last year, we will NOT be accepting submissions by blog comment, email, or facebook message – if you don’t use the google doc, we cannot guarantee that your post will make it to the list or the website. If you have any questions, we can be contacted at


Links to participants with External Blogs

30 Days of Autism

Accidental Thong

An ordinary mom with an extraordinary kid

Appalachian Aspie

Asperger’s Illustrated

Autism Blues

Autism from a Father’s Point of View

Barb Rentenbach

Bat an Eyelash

Brain and Body

Dr Gil Tippy’s Child Development Blog

Drive Mom Crazy

Emma’s Hope Book


Evil Autie


FairyTale Forgotten

Finding Joy in an Ordinary World

Geeky Science Mom’s Tumblr

Gnus, wombats and ducks

Hearts and Minds



Homestyle Mama (with a side of autism)

Hopes & Dreams:  My Writing and My Sons

I Speak of Dreams

I Stand With Henry On Ollibean

Inner Aspie

Jane Strauss


Laura Shumaker

Life on the Spectrum

Mama Be Good

Michelle’s Maniacal Musings on Motherhood

Mind Retrofit

Minute to Minute Mommy

Moment of Truth

Mountains of Molehills

My Many Confessions


Nat (@quarridors)

Neurodiversity on the College Campus

Nick Ansar


Outrunning The Storm


Poems for the Autistic Child

Raisie Bay

Red Velvet

Savvy Advocate Mom and More

Shaping Clay

Smashed Bananas


Sleep Deprivation Diaries

Stay Quirky, My Friends

Stranger In Godzone

S.R. Salas

tagAught: Forging through life, My Own Way

Tammy Vice

Teaching Through Turbulence

That Autistic That Newtown Forgot

that cynking feeling


The Rantings and Ravings of a Lunatic Autism Mom

This Raving Mother from Hell? You Bet.

The Third Glance

Tiny Grace Notes

Traveling Monkeys


Yes, That Too


Links to submissions exclusively on AutismPositivity site

Angela Lidder

Antonia Lidder

Barbara Delsack


Catherine Leung

Cathy Derringer


Heather Clark

Laura/Light It Up BOO

Mrs. McKeown


Paul Lidder

Richard Long

Sennur (Shenny) Fahrali

Susan Elizabeth Spann

Tamara Rice

Terri Alexander

Tsara Shelton of Autism Answers

Yuk-Lung Chan


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