Come Stim With Me (#AutismPositivity2015 Flashblog)

By Michael Scott Monje Jr

 #AutismPositivity2015I’ve been doing a lot of work lately, to keep everything flowing the way it needs to be and to ensure Autonomous Press launches with impeccable timing. Given that this year’s positivity flashblog is self-care themed, I figured no one would mind if I didn’t have a lot of words to be contributing.

So let’s do this with minimal speaking. Self-care means I’d like to invite you to come stim with me. Soak in the things I find to be calming. (But beware that the game these videos comes from has a photosensitivity warning.)
After working all week, this is what I have left for me:

Next, from my personal soundtrack for writing–this one is under “Mirror Project–Holly’s Theme”

From that same file, same book, “Lynn’s First Awakening”

Lynn waking up in an internet-accessible machine:

And Chapter 1’s real meaning:

Moving away from writing into pure being,

And you know I can’t do anything creative without referencing…

But before she dropped the money bag on the floor and died, she said “If you really love me, I’ll come back alive…”

So now that we’ve found a foundation…

And so the new folk movement brings us to this fusion:

And it wouldn’t be a moment inside my creativity without invoking something to remind us of the persistence of memory:

Take care of yourselves, and have a good evening. – Michael

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