My AUSOME Viking: 1000 Ausome Things #AutismPositivity2013

By Sennur (Shenny) Fahrali

Bijou leapt over the bed trying to kiss Mark as I said: “He is my husband, I get the kiss first”, we chuckled, my husband kissed me and turned to Bijou, our grand dog, and gave her a kiss. Bijou tried to jump on his lap and he added: “it’s grandma’s turn, you have to settle down.” We are a family of kissers, even our pets are used to being kissed and they demand it. I call my husband Dr. Doolittle, all the animals in the house demand to be with him and he does make the time to appease his girls.

At nights, my husband’s routine includes tucking me in and gently massaging my shoulders and back as we chat about future vacation plans. An occasional daily frustration may come into view but we mostly talk about the next expedition. We talk logistics, we talk about the scenery we would see and how we would have to come back in two weeks because my husband decided one day his perfect vacation time span is the rigid 2 weeks and I remember, oh yeah he is Autistic and he needs that time parameters and I am okay with it. While we are talking about the next trip, my husband is still busy massaging my shoulders and my neck, rotating to different areas ever so gently, I turn the other way and he continues to the other shoulder while adding all the new info he found and tells me the new locations he is adding to the trip. I do my little protest and ask if we can do all this in two weeks. The chatter continues and my husband tells me the filters or the kind of equipment he will use to take pictures of a particular landmark we will see.

I drift into sleep happily while listening to my husband as he makes plans. You see this is he same man who not only never took pictures of our children, he would throw pictures in the trash if he saw them lying around. Do you know how many times I have gone through garbage cans retrieving pictures and other valuables? And then one day we were on the Mediterranean in Turkey and he decided to get a nice digital camera. Before the trip I begged him to choose a good camera for the trip because my 35mm Olympus had just died and I never looked into any other cameras and had no idea what to buy. He chose a Canon and we paid close to $700 for it, which was around $200 in the States. But my husband took those pictures; he was just very overwhelmed with the scenery. We have traveled in Turkey before but this time he saw things, through his heart.

Fast forward to 2005 when we decided to go to Alaska soon after we found out that my husband might be Autistic and of course this time my husband took the time and bought a couple of cameras for the trip and we had a fantastic time in Alaska. You see, Alaska is home for us now, that’s the place neither of us belonged to before and we saw it together the first time. We both fell in love with Alaska with all her beauty and the giant sky. Each time we returned my husband became even a better photographer and now he is the master. I really mean it; my husband is a phenomenal photographer. This man, my husband, my Viking, sat down for six months and studied photography, I think people go to school for four years and still not get it right. Then he sat down and studied post-production. And of course he got the latest and the best programs and the equipment. One day he declared he was going to buy the Eos D5 for me because I deserved it for being such a great wife and of course it was the camera he wanted☺. This Viking of mine kept studying, I created a nice hummingbird & a butterfly garden for him so he could take pictures of them as he sat on the porch smoking his cigarettes and spy on the forest behind our house as an occasional fox wandered out. My husband got a couple of Macs, one of them is mine but they both sit on his desks, got photo printers and he studied and studied and calibrated everything together so that the colors are the same everywhere.

So when my husband is telling me the pictures he wants to take at Bay of Fundy this summer, I know he already studied possible lighting scenarios. I am sure he read on the internet what the other photographers have done in that region and the kind of pictures they took and I know he already planned his will be better. And you know what? My husband’s pictures will be better; he is a genius that way with photos, he is simply amazing.

How did I get so lucky? How did I get so lucky to have a husband so wonderful? Everything he does, I know a great deal of thought go into it. He is a laid back sweet man with a quirky humor that I don’t always get and he says, “don’t worry love, I don’t get my jokes sometimes either”. I do get it though, I get that he loves me, I get that he cares deeply for our children and everything we are related to. I get that he is an amazing man who is so good at so many things because he will take the time to study and learn how best to do it. And, he is my Autistic Viking, I hope you get that,☺.

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