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Barb Rentenbach 1000 Ausome Things: The Cure #AutismPositivity2013

This post was originally published by Barb Rentenbach on http://muleandmuseproductions.com/, at http://muleandmuseproductions.com/the-cure-by-barb-rentenbach-celebrates-1000-ausome-things-autism-positivity-2013/, and is reprinted here with permission from the author.


The Cure

by Barb Rentenbach 

Being heard.

Being heard may as close to helping to cure all that ails ya as one prescription gets.  Ariane Zurcher, Autism Advocate rated #1 on the Internet by Dr. Oz, and eloquent voice of me in the audio-book version of “I Might Be You: An Exploration of  Autism and Connection”, heard me.  Then she loaned me her voice.  That selfless gift started a healing snowball.

This weekend I was heard again by thousands of listeners on David Alpern’s nationally syndicated radio show, “For You Ears Only”.  8 min Radio Segment Before some poor clerk from the DMV (Department of Miracle Validation) at the Vatican calls my number, please know I am still mute.   So my smiling shrink, SS, dutifully presented my words.    The experienced producers knowing that mutes are reliably bad for ratings authorized this Milli Vanilli esque substitution.

Like a drooly labrador bounding back pitch after pitch from lake Loudon , SS kept care of the words I threw in her smiling mouth and dropped them when and where she knew I wanted.

Hearing my words be heard in the audio book and the radio show, healed something in me.  It was more that scratching an itch.  It was surgical immediate healing like setting a bone or removing a tumor.  It is a lasting cure. This snowball has momentum now and knows to roll towards the wet snow and long hills.

Like me, like you, like “THEM”, poetry is best heard.  Two of my favorite lines from Derrick Brown’s poetry are, “Dumb as a bomb on a boomerang” and  “kiss like u couldn’t beat caner”.   Being heard is best.  Give that to someone.

We are all each other’s cure.  God cares about us all through us all.

Please say this out loud as I am borrowing your voice to be heard and God is watching if you deny an autistic mute such a simple request, “I will not be as dumb as a boomerang.  I will listen like I couldn’t beat cancer.”

My unique design gives me receptive language, but expressive is primarily nonsensical. I say “primarily” because, like a broken watch being accurate twice a day, sometimes my inexorable stock phrases, like “You are not going,”“It’s raining,”“You can’t go to the pool,” “Just a minute,” “It’s a mail truck,”  “No, Maam!”,“Nice,” “It’s a fire” and my personal favorite, “It’s mine, it’s mine,” are relevant.

One of my lovely smart-ass fiends (non-paid, I might add) emailed me this photo with no note.



Funny… cruel to make fun of my echolalia, but funny.

It is nice to be heard.  It is even nicer not to be pitied.   Folk don’t make fun of people they pity.

May you also be heard.   Thanks for hearing B


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