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Let’s Talk About Neurodiversity {Acceptance, Love, and Self-care: #AutismPositivity2015}

By Rebecca Monteleone

Flesch-Kincaid Reading Level: 12th grade. For an EASY READ VERSION, is available on full post. (see link)

[Note: the following blog post is my opinion. I certainly do not speak for everyone.]

Hello, everyone! Today, as part of Autism Acceptance Month (which was actually in April), bloggers from all over the world are posting to celebrate autism pride. This year’s theme, “Acceptance, Love and Self-Care” will be written about by hundreds of disability and autism bloggers. So, once you’re done here, check out #AutismPositivity2015 on your social media site of choice, and happy reading!

Today, I’d like to just have a quick chat about NEURODIVERSITY with all of you beautiful souls, and then I’d love to direct you toward some awesome autism-positive and disability pride resources so that you can feed your brains with the deliciousness that is the celebration of variation!

So what is neurodiversity?

Great question! Neurodiversity is an understanding that neurological differences should be recognised and celebrated as part of human variation. Differences in cognition should be valued and cherished as diversifying our communities and challenging false paradigms about “normalcy” (National Symposium on Neurodiversity).  Basically, the neurodiversity model posits that there is no one way for the human mind to function, and differences in neuro-functioning should not necessarily be pathologised.

Please follow this link to read the full post: http://insertdisabilityeuphemismhere.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/acceptance-love-and-self-care.html




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