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autistic pride #AutismPositivity2015

By Ivanova Smith

#AutismPositivity2015I am happy being the way I am.
I live being autistic.
I love the movements I make.
I love the stims.
I love my spastic excitement.

I did not always feel this way because I was taught to hate who I am I was taught to hate my disability. Those days were hard but I learned to see the good in who I am when I got older and realized that it give me abilities that love! I love the art ability it gives me. I love passion I receive that makes me energy to do the work I do. It give the passion for history, art, disability justice, politics. I love the way it makes me stay intoned to my childhood passions.

I wish that society would see autism the way I see it. I wish they could see what we can do. I wish we did not have live in fear of a world that see us a danger. We not we kind, passionate, gentle, and want peace. We not perfect but we human with the same lives and dreams.

Autism is not a disease is a neurodevelopmental difference. It is my natural being.

When I was young I was yelled at and bullied for not being able to be normal. And I try to do it but I can’t do that and when I discovered autistic pride I embraced it and it is a good feeling to be myself and be ok.

And I showed those who doubted me that I can still be able to live a happy fulfilling live as a pride happy autistic.

The Autism Positivity Project

The Autism Positivity Project

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