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FairyTale Forgotten Celebrates 1000 Ausome Things about Autism #AutismPositivity2013

This post was originally published on FairyTale Forgotten, at http://fairytaleforgotten.blogspot.com/2013/04/fairytale-forgotten-celebrates-1000.html, and is reprinted here with permission from the author.


So, here in the FairyTale Forgotten household we are full of Ausomeness. You see, we’re a family with four people who all fall somewhere on the spectrum and my boyfriend who is still learning about all this ausomeness but is doing a fabulous job of enjoying the journey.

I could easily list a thousand things that are wonderful about my family but I’ll narrow it down to a smaller list of 10 because I know you’ve got a lot of posts to read about all the Ausome Things today!

1. Group flapping. When we’re happy, we’re all happy together and we flap til our heart’s content.

2. Unenforced eye contact. No one makes anyone look anyone else in the eye at my house because we know we listen with our ears and not our eyes.

3. Movie scripts. We can do an entire movie back and forth between us without it even being turned on, laugh at all the good parts, and still eat dinner.

4. Music. We really get into some music at my house. There is dancing, rocking, humming, singing at the top of our lungs (because I think we’re all tone deaf but we still love to sing), and we all know the words. It. Is. Ausome.

5. Fidgets. My house is full of fidgets and every single one of us uses them. We spend all day with something in our hands that soothes us and we all have different tastes.

6. Noise-cancelling headphones. No one bats an eye at those things at my house. Ours are fairly new to us but, OH BOY, do we love them.

7. We “get” each other. If one of us doesn’t know what’s up with the other, someone else in the family will know. And the boyfriend, he’s getting pretty darn good at figuring out what we each need at different times to get us all back to our happy, flappy selves.

8. Stims. We flap. We spin. We rock. We bounce. We hum. We tap. We mimic sounds. We script. We play with each other’s hair. We rub our cheeks on soft stuff. We carry around matching toys because…well, matching. We bounce off of each other when we need some impact therapy (the twins wrestle hard, yo). We are one stimmy household and we LOVE it.

9. Perspective. If you’re looking for someone who will see things differently, you will find them here. You give us a thing that you’ve been fiddling with for a while and we’ll turn it into a thing you didn’t even think about. We aren’t afraid to crawl in the grass to watch a bug, climb a tree to get a bird’s eye view, lay in the dirt to take a picture that you didn’t notice at eye level, or smell things that most people would run from. We’ll take that thought that you had and come at it from OUR angle (which is unique to each of us). We march to the beat of our own full percussion section (because who wants just one drummer, right?).

10. Love. We love deeply, truly, honestly, and with as much loyalty as anyone you’ll ever meet. We’re never bashful about it either. If we love you, you know it because we aren’t good with a poker face. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and we weep with the world when it hurts. You’ve never seen hearts so pure as you’ll find in my family.

These are only 10 of the Ausome Things about my Autistic family (and our adopted NT who is as wonderful as you could ask a person to be!). Remember you’re never alone. There are those of us out here who will welcome you with open arms. Autism is Ausome. It is amazing and brilliant and spectacular and awe-inspiring and so many other words that I could spend all day typing. You get the idea. Have an Ausome Day and remember that Acceptance lies in you!

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