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Arizona Baker: My Hope for the Future #AutismPositivity2013

I’ve been there. I know how easily one internalizes society’s prejudices toward disability, and I’ve been fighting it for years now. It’s okay.
I’m not quite ready to say it gets better, to be honest. I’m living alone in a small apartment in a small town, underemployed and constantly worrying about money, and moreover, about my future. But I can say in the past few years, I’ve had some fantastic friends. In my last semester of college, my friend Aurora said that getting to know me was the highlight of her, and her friends’, semester. The world that seemed so daunting and confusing a few years ago is only half as daunting, half as confusing now.
So I’m not going to be insensitive to the challenges we autistic people face today, but I can say that our lives have so much capacity for growth and change, and in our darkest hours it might be all too easy to forget that, but it’s still true. The world has capacity for growth and change too, and if we all work together, we can change it.

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