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Yes, That Too: Acceptance, Love, and Self-care: #AutismPositivity2015

By Alyssa Hillary

I have been writing less on my blog since… well, ever since I left for China at the end of August 2013. Spending an academic year at a university that really, really did not want me to be there was extremely draining, and I’ve already written a lot of things on this blog. I’m not really out of things to say, because there are always new ideas and new connections and new events, but I’m low on energy to say them here, so I am posting less often than I used to. (I used to post every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and that hasn’t been the case since 2013.)

That’s OK, and deciding that it’s OK is part of my accepting my limits and taking care of myself, which is this year’s theme…

Read the rest of this wonderful post: http://yesthattoo.blogspot.com/2015/05/yes-that-too-acceptance-love-and-self.html


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