The Black Autist #AutismPositivity2015

By Timotheus “Pharaoh” Gordon

Great news everyone!! I will be hosting a panel at MomoCon two Saturdays from tomorrow and it will be on my insights on “With the Light”, a manga series that follows a family of an autistic boy and his progression throughout his childhood.

I will be wearing an autistic acceptance shirt on that day. It will have two things:

– The front will be a 3-D outline of African, filled with pan-African colors. On the outline it reads “Autism Acceptance”, with the neurodiversity symbol in the middle of it.

– On the back, the shirt will have the famous quote from Dr. Temple Grandin: “I am different, not less”. Below it is InuYasa in half-demon form. InuYasha embodies Grandin’s quote because he’s still strong and capable of fighting for what’s right, despite being half human and half dog demon.

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