Legacy’s Blog Post #AutismPositivity2015

By Legacy Onaiwu

It is May 15, 2015. I am six and a half years old and I am autistic. This blog is not about the type of limits that are in games. It is about our own limits. I tell my family about my noise limits. Because I am autistic I hear very well. It hurts me sometimes to hear someone shouting, screaming, or raising their voice. I don’t want to hear that. I tell people to turn on lights because I do not want to see flashing lights. If I see flashing lights I might have another seizure.

I do not like to feel water poured on my head or getting in my eyes. It makes me cry because it stings and feels bad. My mommy uses a washcloth to wash my face because it feels better.

I like to learn a lot, take tests, read hard books, and do challenging work. I used to go to a school where the work was too easy and I always got everything right without trying hard. But others kids thought it was hard and they got things wrong. It made me feel good for me, but I felt bad for them. I didn’t want them to think that I thought I was better than they were just because I was smarter. I thought my being smart would hurt their feelings.

My parents changed me to a new school. All the kids are gifted like me and some have disabilities like me too. I don’t get everything right anymore! I like that.

Some people think only bad things about autism. They are wrong and they are being negative. And some people make fun of people who are autistic. It’s not good to laugh at people and that’s not the right thing to do. I feel sad when people tease autistic people and I would feel bad if people teased me or were rude to me. It has not happened to me. I like myself and I am happy to be autistic.



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