Ladles of LOVE #AutismPositivity2015

By Kelly Green


For the 4th Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog you know what I am serving up.
Same bat time, same bat channel!!

Ladles of LOVE. Yes, big oversized spoons “ full of it.”

Nothing more comforting than a large helping of LOVE, in an “over sized spoon” A spoon that will refill with love and support for ALL Autistic people. All day, every day. Infinitely.

It’s what we all deserve. It is what we are ALL calling for, yearning for, working for. An every day world, full of: full on love. Where people look at each other through the eyes of acceptance. Without comparison. Knowing full well that each and every one of us has a special mission. Whatever that is, whatever that looks like and it is spectacularly beautiful no matter how it diverges from you and your subset of beauty.

There is no comparing humanity. It is all beautifully needed, it is all equally an owner of love and acceptance. There is no marketplace in the universe for authentic love. Sadly, people try to own it. They falsely try to create or capture it, re-work it,  package it and sell it. However, it doesn’t quite work that way. Just like everything else of true value in this world, love is FREE. We are born of love and creation to be love and creation. Love always was and always will be, free and easy to give. We should ALL accept that.

Somewhere along the way people and nations have forgotten that about ourselves and the humanity we serve (each other.) Societies have become harsh, selfish and at times akin to a rancid pack of comparison making, judgmental brutes.

Humanity so utterly inhumane.

So, for Autism Positivity day 2015 we wish self-love and self-care for everyone. Autistic people and the people that love them. We all have triggers. We all have boundaries. Let’s make each other aware of what these consist of and support them respectfully!

#AutismPositivity2015Together with infinite ‘O LOVE’ and ACCEPTANCE.

Please check out this wonderful video of the 2015 Chalk Festival:


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  1. Reblogged this on Janusz Korczak – Pediatrician, Writer, Educator, Orphanage Director, and Children's Advocate and commented:
    We could all use a little positivity – even better, some every day! Here’s the pause that refreshes!

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