Grimalkin on AtheismPlus: Acceptance, Love, and Self-care #AutismPositivity2015

By Kit “Grimalkin” Partin

Acceptance, love, and self care.

What does all that really mean? Acceptance and love can mean so much.

Sometimes, people say they accept you, but it’s in spite of who you are, not for who you are.

Sometimes, people say they love you, but it’s a means of getting something they want. It’s a tool.

And self-care, in mainstream culture, is selfish. You’re supposed to care for everyone else in the world before yourself.


Well, there’s a place where all of that doesn’t apply. That place is the world of autistic culture.

Acceptance. Acceptance in Autistic Culture isn’t about accepting you despite your flaws. It’s not even about telling you your flaws aren’t flaws (I mean, sometimes they really aren’t flaws, but I digress). It’s about accepting you for your flaws…

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