Yes, That Too: Expressing PosAutivity MY way #AutismFlashblog2014

By Alyssa

#AutismPositivity2014FlashblogIn class, a visiting professor asks if we are willing to introduce ourselves. I flap (of course I flap, this is me, flapping is what I do.) It’s a happy flap. The professor, not knowing me, not knowing how my body language works and therefore interpreting my movements through the dominant ways, assumes I am upset, that I do not want to introduce myself, that there is some sort of problem.

That could have been a problem, but my classmates, my regular teachers, and I all know how to explain: I express posAutivity in my own Autistic way. We explained. It was actually relevant to the topic I’d wanted to bring up, how neurodiversity and cross-cultural communication totally relate, that we should be looking at cross-neurology communication in some of the same ways we look at cross-cultural communication because that’s often what it is…

This post can be read in its entirety at Yes, That Too:


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