Pizza #AutismPositivity2014

By Amy

My husband and I had planned a beautiful meal. Tom had spent the afternoon smoking a turkey, while I prepared the usual turkey fare of “riced” potatoes with gravy, candied yams, home made bread, and side salads. There was no particular reason for the dinner; we just wanted a nice evening with our son to celebrate family.

Well, after cooking the turkey, my husband’s arms were too full to open the door, so he leaned his elbow against the doorbell to get my attention. Teasingly, I yelled at my husband, “Oh, it must be the pizza man”. So, fast forward about 30 minutes, when myself, my loving husband, and my magnificent, nonverbal, 19 year old son were sitting at this amazing dinner, waiting as my husband carved the turkey.

I had noticed an odd look on my son’s face, but thought nothing of it as I dished out the various side dishes. I placed the plate in front of him and suddenly Zachary started turning bright red.

His arms flung straight out from his body and he began to stim and shake.

Tom and I were in shock, what had set off this very rare, and quite random temper tantrum?

Then, out of nowhere, my son, who’s last words were whispered 5 years early, mustered all he could to scream, “PIZZA!”

I honestly didn’t know if I should send him to his room for the tantrum or hug and praise him for the word.

Zachary is 24 now and we still get strange, food oriented words here and there…salt…pie.

I guess they’re right when they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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