No Words Necessary #AutismPositivity2014

By Angela Lidder


We sit in silence and feel free
Relaxed, refreshed, no need for masks
Grateful always just to be
Communication free of tasks

My spirit lifts, I feel at ease
Your energy shines true and clear
Love and trust the vital keys
Words would only interfere

We smile, we laugh, we take delight
In interests shared, in understanding
Between us our thoughts take flight
In a relationship undemanding

The world grows quiet, we are at peace
The boundaries blur between we and me
Our souls expand at this release
Our communion sets us free




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4 responses to “No Words Necessary #AutismPositivity2014

  1. Beautiful poem. Sounds exactly how I feel around other Aspies. ❤

  2. Angela Lidder

    Thank you so much.

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