Meeting Autistic friends is #posAutive: #AutismPositivity2014

By David J. Archer, Sr.

Laura N. @HardAspie, David A. @Dispatches_Dave, Susan M. @_Susan_m_, Lindsey N.  @AutismIsARose, Chou Chou S. @docscantlin

Wonderful friends Leah Kelly @leah_kelley and Renee Salas@srsalas13

After chatting almost every night for almost a year, Laura and I finally meet. So cool!

Chou Chou and David Archer reconnecting on the CEC panel. Joyous times for all of us.

Lunch with Chou Chou, Lindsey, and myself

Doc, Myself, and Chou Chou at Lunch

An excerpt from my presentation in Philadelphia

As I started to log on to twitter I started to see people talking about asperger syndrome in the feeds and list of trending topics. Slowly I began to engage people and talk about myself and my son. (My son was diagnosed around 2003.)

Finding the online community and talking about my experiences with others convinced me to seek a diagnosis from a psychologist in New York City. I could not afford a full Neuropsychiatric workup so I was evaluated by a psychologist specializing in adults on the spectrum. After about six, hour long sessions and some test she gave me she told me that I was on the Autism spectrum. Since officially Asperger is no longer in the DSM-V that was the closest I would get.

I am happy with that. In the last year since I found my community both online and with local support groups. Finally, receiving a diagnosis, which fits and feels right, has changed my life. My chronic depression has lifted, my rage has vanished, I started a blog to talk about my journey and advocate for disabilities. There is a peace in my heart that I had never known before.

For me that was all the proof I needed to tell me that my long search for answers is over.

I have been so lucky to be part of and belong to the Autistic community. It is awesome and fills me everyday with joy for life.


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