Sonia Boue: #AutismPositivity2014

By Sonia Boue

My contribution to this year’s Autism Positivity Flash Blog is a peon to my autistic friends. Clever, helpful and super resourceful, they form my network, they are my community.

My father’s suitcase from 1968.










Why use the image of an old suitcase from 1968 for Autism Positivity? Because often the positives are found in unexpected places. People aren’t often used to thinking about an autistic community providing friends, colleagues and a loyal band of helpers. They need to think again. This is exactly what I have found and I am extremely proud to be part of this community. When I posted a request for help in decoding the crayon markings on this suitcase for my Retirada project combined talents brought me the information I needed in the blink of an eye. Smart, focused and intent on giving me a hand, I know I can rely on my autistic friends.

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