Sleep Deprivation Diaries celebrates 1000 Ausome Things: Aaron #AutismPositivity2013

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In honor of the positivity flash blog.  See

I am posting 30 awesome things about Aaron, one for each day of this month.  I could easily post 1,000,000  but I’ll start with 30.
#1.  Aaron has the best belly laugh.  You have to work for it, but when he gets going, its amazing
#2.  Aaron is so sensitive.  If someone is crying or upset, he gets very worried.
#3.  He can say so much without saying a word and has taught us how to really listen and the power of non-verbal communication.
#4.  Aaron is so curious.  He is mischievious and delights in trying to figure out how anything and everything works.
#5.  He is so funny and inherrantly silly.
#6.  He notices everything and will watch the mail truck, see how it moves, the motion of the wheels, the whir of the engine.  He knows how to slow down and enjoy life.
#7.  He is a great big brother to Owen.  Even though he struggles with sharing and Owen grabs his toys a lot, he shares his matchbox cars which is really tough for him.
#8.  He does not care what other people think.  He will play, script, do his own thing and not worry what other people think about it.  I admire that quality so much.
#9.  The look of pride on his face when he accomplishes something he has been trying really hard to do.
#10.  He does everything in his own time and on his terms.
#11.  He has been proving doctors and therapists wrong for a long time just by being him.
#12.  He is so in touch with nature.  He is just quiet and present outside.  its where he is most at home.
#13 The look on his face when he plays in water of any kind
#14.  The scream of joy when he sees the elevator doors open and can climb inside
#15.  The pure, primal joy he experiences when he sees and hears the garbage truck.  I never knew anything could make anyone so happy.  Its awesome to watch.
For the last 15, I will post pictures because they show the best window into his Aaron-ness

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