An Ordinary Mom With An Extraordinary Kid Celebrates 1000 Ausome Things # Autismpositivity 2013


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Today is the last day of April, which also means it is the last day of Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. But it is also the start of Autism Positivity 2013 Flash Blog, where bloggers are invited to blog about autism. This year’s theme is 1,000 Ausome Things. Since it is already late afternoon and I still have to make dinner, help with homework, and prepare my lessons to teach my class tomorrow- 1,000 things just isn’t going to happen. We’ll see how far I get. So here goes…
My son has made me and many others laugh every day. To say he is blunt is to put it mildly. He tells it like it is; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I find it oddly refreshing and that is Ausome.
The reason I don’t have more time to work on this blog entry may be in part to my five hour breakfast, that’s right I said five hours. Breakfast with my autism moms just can’t be rushed. The strong, brave, courageous, and beautiful women I have met throughout this journey are Ausome.
Daniel has a totally unique way of looking at everything. Wouldn’t life be boring if everyone dressed the same, acted the same, and thought the same? He always has me looking at problems in a different way and coming up with some really fun solutions. That is Ausome.
Daniel will never give into peer pressure. He is not going to do something just because it is the “thing” to do. If he doesn’t want to do something, he isn’t going to do it- no matter. That is Ausome.
My ten year old will take my hand as we walk. He likes to know I am right beside him and I don’t think he will ever feel he is too old to hold my hand. The love I feel holding his hand in mine is Ausome.
On those cold Saturday mornings in November when my friends are freezing their butts off at the first of four soccer games of the day and knowing Daniel is not a team sports kind of kid, I can schedule his activities around my schedule. Cuddling on the couch under a big blanket on cold mornings is Ausome.
Okay, I know this is bad but I admit I have done this. I have used Daniel’s autism on occasion as an excuse to get out of things I don’t want to go do. For instance open house at the beginning of the school year. It is crazy; kids running around, parents pushing to talk to the teachers about their kids, bored and overtired screaming younger siblings. All of this puts me in full sensory overload yet I let others believe the reason we have a private open house earlier in the day is Daniel’s sensory issues. Using Daniel’s autism diagnose to avoid things I don’t want to do is Ausome.
Daniel’s autism related delays caused him to not meet various milestones when others his age were meeting theirs. Through hard work and perseverance (his and ours, not to mention his therapists) Daniel has reached those milestones and continues to advance. Realizing how hard he struggles makes me appreciate his achievements even more and that is Ausome.
After Daniel received his diagnosis, I began to attend Autism Society meetings (this is where I met my mommas). The more I attended these meetings the more I wanted to get involved. I am now on the board of our local autism society chapter and this year I am in charge organizing the summer camp for children on the spectrum. I never would have been involved with this organization had it not been for my connection to autism. Giving back to my community is Ausome.
In the last seven years I have read everything I could get my hands on about autism. All that I have learned has not only helped me parent Daniel, it has also changed the way I teach in my classroom. Being able to meet all of my students needs now in a way I was never able to before is Ausome.
Parenting a special needs child with Jay has brought us even closer. We are a team at the most important game of our lives. We work so hard to score a win for Daniel. Growing closer to my husband everyday is Ausome.
Okay now it is getting close to my bed time so I will finish with my favorite Ausome thing. Yup- you guessed it… Daniel.
Need I say more?


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