Why Autism is Awesome: Just Another #AutismPositivity2013 Flashblog!

This post was originally published on That Autistic That Newtown Forgot at http://thatautisticthatnewtownforgot.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-autism-is-awesome-just-another.html, and is reprinted here with permission from the author.


This post is for the autism positivity flashblog scheduled for today, the last day of April or the month known as Autistic Acceptance month by many Autistic activists.
The theme for today is “autism is awesome”.
Why is autism awesome?
A.    Autistic people think differently. We are not driven to conform because we are unhooked from the nonverbal cues that regulate social performance and behavior. Instead we listen to our hearts, our dreams, our creativity and imagination. While some of us buckle under social pressure, our hearts, our interests and our dreams remain connected to the special interests that make the world awesome to us.
B.     Autistic people generally operate in less continuity with the regulatory social norms surrounding sexuality and gender. We are a queer group and one must recognize that the liberation of autistics must be part of the liberation of queers of every kind, because our people are less likely to be obedient toward those sets of rules and regulations.
C.     Autistic people are creative in both a scholarly and artistic sense. Many of us have special interests which drive us toward creative enterprise, causing us to immerse ourselves in certain types of research and to sometimes utilize said research in artistic projects. This blog itself is evidence of autistic creativity. Many of us need to draw or doodle just to stay comfortable in certain situations.
D.    Autistic people have an awesome, loving warm community, for those searching for such a community. While many of us feel alienated occasionally, since my recent involvement in autistic activism, I have joined in a network of activist-scholar autistics and queers throughout the country. When I am feeling lonely, isolated or erased, it is great to be able to unite with my autistic friends via our online community. I think this means something. None of us need to feel alone ever again. We can know that there are other people who have many of the same experiences as we do, often just a click away.
E.     We are all different! I want to point something out, while a lot of non-autistic people frame non-speaking autistics as burdensome or annoying, as an autistic myself, I am glad that our community comprises so many different perspectives and modes of feeling and expression.
F.      Autistic people find ways of being happy that NTs can often not even imagine. We have a tendency to immerse ourselves in topics or ideas that excite us. Sometimes this excitement causes us to stay up all day and night. This can be bad for us, but the passion is something that brings a light to our lives that many lack.
G.    Autistic individuals are detail-oriented. For those of us who have not been so brutally oppressed that we are forced to stop caring, we are all about the details. We read everything closely, often literally, but in that close reading we are able to see through many of the word games and fictions that are everywhere in NT society.
H.    Autistic people are winning. This flash blog and others proves that the autistic activist movement is growing! We are influencing a whole generation and those working with us will soon be as many as there are stars in the sky! Additionally, we are doing crucial intersectional work, like flashblogging against Ag Gag legislation this Friday!

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One response to “Why Autism is Awesome: Just Another #AutismPositivity2013 Flashblog!

  1. carol noel

    I’ve recently come to know a wonderful woman with Aspergers, and come to learn that someone very close to me is Aspie as well (which explains alot). Growing up in a totally disfunctional family I really like the ‘no game playing/what you see is what you get’. At times it sets me back on my heels, and then I get my own ‘role’ and I appreciate the situation instead of resenting it. The two Aspies in my life are fascinating to be around, highly intelligent, creative, caring and totally honest folks – would rather be with them than a vast majority of NTs I have in my life.

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