Traveling Monkeys celebrates 1000 Ausome Things #AutismPositivity2013″

This post was originally published by Deanna at Traveling Monkeys at, and is reprinted here with permission from the author.




And here we are: the end of my first April as an allistic (ally) parent of an autistic child. This seems like a fantastic way to close it out.

We’ve covered joy as a positive to autism, and also how Maggie’s school protects her childhood via play. What are some of the other upsides?

– No lying. Ever.

– She no longer naps, but voluntarily retires to her room in the afternoons for what I call “Quiet Time” to her and mentally refer to as “Spoon Polishing Time.”

– I can also leave her with a 50-piece jigsaw puzzle and get myself a whopping 20 minutes of quiet. She’s also pretty damn great at “Where’s Waldo?”

– We’ve discovered she and I have a mutual overwhelming love of Theraputty.

– The community of parents and young adults we’ve met via this blog. Sweet Maggie, there is a whole world of mentors and friends out there for you.

And tomorrow is May 1. Let’s talk about hair or something next, shall we?



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