ParaEducate Celebrates 1000 Ausome Things #AutismPositivity2013

This post was originally published by ParaEducate, at, and is reprinted here with permission from the author.


We are thrilled to participate in the 2013 Autism Positivity Flashblog. Over the years we have learned so much from our students with Autism that sometimes it seems they are the teachers. What have your students taught you? 

30 Things We’ve Learned from our Ausome students…

1. Verbal communication is not a prerequisite for practical jokes and a sense of humor

2. Disney Channel bands and pop stars are really important and cool if you’re not an adult

3. Baby steps and setbacks can lead to giant leaps and growth

4. Life is not made up solely of discrete trials

5. YouTube is awesome

6.  Honesty is the best policy

7.  Access to non-fiction text is important for all ages

8. Life is better with cookies in the afternoon

9. Puberty and raging hormones are a fact of life

10. Rallies in the gym are too loud for most students and faculty

11. Good friends (and support staff) help you overcome your fears on your terms

12. Joy

13. Technology is a great equalizer if you’re given access and support to learn how to use it

14. The stuff we’re most passionate about in life can provide opportunities we never imagined

15. Sometimes the photographer has the best view

16. Miscommunications often lead to misperceptions

17. There’s a lot to learn about growing up from Toy Story

18. Down time is important

19. We all like to ‘fidget’ with things

20. The week before a vacation can be exciting and stressful

21. It’s not always easy to get back in the swing of things on a Monday

22. Forgiveness is priceless

23. The same rule can have several interpretations

24. School schedules are not always the most accommodating

25. When told not to shove the popcorn in by the handful, the best solution is to walk out the door and shove it in by the handful.

26. There’s a lot we didn’t know about history, dinosaurs, trains, wooly mammoths, and High School Musical

27. It’s fun to surprise your teachers

28. Sometimes the movie is better than the book

29. Being referred to as ‘Squidward’ is not a compliment

30. Acceptance is not something to take for granted

ParaEducate is a collection of resources for including students with disabilities in general education created by Renay H. Marquez and Megan Gross. Renay and Megan spent four years in the classroom as a paraeducator and special education teacher team. They love including their students in end of year activities, but the scheduling for it all does make them a little bit crazy! Find ParaEducate online herehere and here.

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