Mountains of Molehills Celebrates: He is Ausome #AutismPositivity2013 1000 Ausome Things

This post was originally published by Kathy of Mountains of Molehills, at is reprinted here with permission from the author.


I spent a lot of time this week thinking about last years Autism Positivity Flash Blog and the theme “I Wish I didn’t Have Asperger’s.” As I sat at my dining room table on Tuesday morning sipping my coffee after the kids made their way into the world, it hit me like a big cheese school bus: my own kiddo may have at one time searched that very phrase.

I think perhaps last year when thinking about that theme I did think about that, but it didn’t really click to me truly that he may REALLY have searched it. But he has his own computer, he Googles things all the time. He is wicked smart and when something like genetic engineering pops into this cranium, he Googles away and looks for answers. SoWHY wouldn’t he search something like that?

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