Blowing Kisses & Making Wishes: Autistic & Optimistic (Best Sung With Ukulele) #AutismPositivity2012

This post was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission from the author.


Autistic & Optimistic (Best Sung With Ukulele)

There was one, two, three,
Autistic people.
And they went
and they stole
my neuro-typical heart.

I was scared about the future,
But I stopped and I thought
“I will let them keep it”,
Cause I knew it was ok and that they’d mind it somewhere safe.

Stephen took it and he put it
with his secret best-lego, in his pillow case.

Isaac said it’s in his teddy
Cause I left it in the stuffing, when I hugged him goodnight.

They said “be our mum, because we love you”
And I thought “I am so lucky”.
Matt put a ring on my finger.
And I said “yes”

He said “I love you and
I’ll love you and I’ll sit beside you
and I’ll hold you on the worst day,
and when you hate me, I’ll still love you”

The worst day came.
It bought cancer,
We held one another.

The best day came.
We sang together,
and we laughed.

Cause our life is really lovely,
all though it can be tricky,
But no more then loving any,

Being a mum,
being a wife,
keeping house,
can be tragic

But being Autistic,
is not tragic,
Because there’s one, two, three,
Autistic people and they have my heart.


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