To: “I Wish I didn’t have Asperger’s” #AutismPositivity2012 Flash Blog

I am the face of Aspergers. I look like just about anyone else. but yet people dont realize that I am different, till I open my mouth, or I run to the bathroom bc an noise is freaking me out, or when I have to leave an grocery store, bc there are too many noises and too much stimulation going on.  Then they know. I am the face of Aspergers, but I am not dumb, and I am not retarded. I am normal to me. to you I seem different, but to me, I am gifted and I know so many facts about so many things.  I spend hours upon hours researching things.  I feel like my aspergers has allowed me to open my mind to possibilities and hopes and ideas, that not many neurotypical people would see. I am not smarter, I am just wired to learn differently and I pick up things like it is cool. I also dont think that people should assume I Know everything bc I have aspergers, but to think I am dumb, is one thing I am not. I am an young mom, I am your next door neighbor, I am that weird girl in the farmers market avoiding your face, and trying to avoid your small talk. but I am still an human being, who needs human interaction. and I am just like anyone, except I am gifted, and I can see the world through a lense, that not many get an chance to see. Accept me for who I am, bc just like you we all have our own eccentricities. and we are all worth something to someone. and I am the face of Aspergers.


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