Sandi Layne to “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers” #AutismPositivity2012

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Sandi Layne to “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers” #AutismPositivity2012

Every mind in the world is a treasure. Those who have minds that we might see as “different” are in fact amazing.

Consider the road less traveled – the road with the adventures, the road without footprints, yet. This is your road.  This is your space. A space I cannot get to, with my neurotypical brain, because I can’t find it.  I watch my sons take it, though, each in their own way, and am utterly awed by their insights and bravery.

Even neurotypical people get discouraged.  The “normal” girl who is harassed for her appearance or her awkward steps. The “normal” guy who stutters when he is nervous. The “normal” people who live in dread of public opinion. Painfully shy, or even outgoing but inwardly nervous about how they are perceived.  The world is filled with people looking to find a place where they fit.

But really, we make that place ourselves, all of us.  Anyone with Aspergers can make their own place, too.  As with anyone, there are positives and negatives to be seen, of course, but as you focus on your positives – and you have them! – you will find your strengths and you can build a stronghold from them. A place where you are confident and secure about your abilities.

I am sorry for every single person who has been made to feel less than wonderful by other people. I have been made to feel that way, myself.  But it is not an ending. It is a beginning of discovery.

Unpack the treasures of your mind.  Rejoice in your unique capabilities.  Build on them.

Great things happen because of aberrations.  Amazing discoveries.

Make them.  The world is waiting.  🙂


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