Momgonerogue to ‘I Wish I didn’t have Asperger’s’ #AutismPositivity2012 Flash Blog

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To: I wish I didn’t have Aspergers #AutismPositivity2012

I am an Autism Parent and I also find that I have signs of being on the spectrum myself. I have written many entries on my blog of what I have gone through as a parent and getting my child diagnosed and how I have dealt with it. I like this #AutismPositivity 2012 movement because it does put a whole new spin on Autism so that future generations of Parents and kids will NOT have the difficulties I dealt with. Having your child diagnosed or being diagnosed with Autism SHOULD NOT feel like a death sentence!!! After I found out about my child being Autistic I had many different emotions fear, grief, and regret. These emotions were very difficult to deal with on my own so I turned to the internet. I started a blog to write my feelings as an Autism parent and I joined twitter and found a large community of Autism parents and other people on the spectrum. I have found comfort, understanding, and joy within the community of people I have met on Twitter and through my blog. I have also read their blogs and find myself empathizing, laughing, and crying over their blog entries. Finding a sense of community has given me a sense of normalcy and has let me know that everything is going to be ok. I can get through because so many other people have gone before me. My child has a future! So do you! Little Man+Autism=Perfection

We all speak of acceptance and I think acceptance should be less of us expecting others to change and more of us changing our expectations
-Caryn Jacobs


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