I Have Asperger’s (@AspergerSadie) to ‘I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers’: #AutismPositivity2012

This post was originally published at http://ihaveaspergers.webs.com/apps/blog/show/14569934-i-have-asperger-s-to-i-wish-i-didn-t-have-aspergers-autismpositivity2012 and has been reprinted here with permission of the author


Dear “I Wish I Didn’t Have Asperger’s”,

I’m SO sorry that you feel this way.  I don’t know what caused these feelings to come about, but I can promise you that you don’t have to be alone.  Many people go through teasing, or misunderstanding, or downright discrimination.  It’s not RIGHT, but it’s true.  I am here to say: I am with you in your struggle, but I am also with you in the triumph.

Yes, the triumph.  The beauty of being different from many others.  The glory of knowing that YOU are not just “anyone”.  The obstacles that you overcome have not just the badge of “well done” waiting at the end, but you can also know that you overcome them AND you have Aspergers.  YOU have talents that many others do not.  Above all, YOU are so important, because YOU are here, and if it weren’t for your Aspergers, you would be MUCH different, and therefore, NOT you.

So please, take a moment to remember, that yes, there is struggle and injustice and downright failure, but you are still human.  Aspergers will NEVER take that away from you.  But you can decide to take away the wonderful qualities associated with Aspergers.  The qualities such as being unique, intelligent, fun, caring, and more.

I am sorry that you wish you didn’t have Aspergers, but I am not sorry that I have Aspergers.  I hope you can join me in what will be a new, positive feeling for you.


Admin of I Have Asperger’s




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